Erykah Badu Is Heated About The Un-Edited Video/Song For “The First Time I Ever Seen Your Face” Being Released

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    Erykah Badu took to her twitter @fatbellybella to express her frustration to Wayne Coyne about the rough version/song being released.

     Here is what she said: 

    @waynecoyne then… perhaps, next time u get an occasion to work with an artist who respects your mind/art, you should send at least a ROUGh version of the video u PLAN to release b4 u manipulate or compromise the artist’s brand by desperately releasing a poor excuse for shock and nudity that sends a convoluted message that passes as art( to some).
    Even with Window Seat there was a method and thought process involved. I have not one need for publicity . I just love artistic dialogue . And just because an image is shocking does not make it art.
    You obviously have a misconception of who I am artistically. I don’t mind that but…
    By the way you are an ass.
    Yu did everything wrong from the on set .
    You showed me a concept of beautiful tasteful imagery( by way of vid text messages) .
    I trusted that. I was mistaken.
    Then u release an unedited, unapproved version within the next few days.
    That all spells 1 thing ,
    Self Serving .
    When asked what the concept
    meant after u explained it , u replied ,”it doesn’t mean anything , I just want to make a great video that everyone is going to watch. “
    I understood , because as an artist we all desire that. But we don’t all do it at another artist’s expense .
    I attempted to resolve this respectfully by having conversations with u after the release but that too proved to be a poor excuse for art.
    From jump,
    You begged me to sit in a tub of that other shit and I said naw. I refused to sit in any liquid that was not water. But Out of RESPECT for you and the artist you ‘appear’ to be, I Didn’t wanna kill your concept , wanted u to at least get it out of your head . After all, u spent your dough on studio , trip to Dallas etc.. Sooo, I invited Nayrok , my lil sis and artist, who is much more liberal ,to be subject of those other disturbing (to me ) scenes . I told u from jump that I believed your concept to be disturbing. But would give your edit a chance.
    You then said u would take my shots ( in clear water/ fully covered parts -seemed harmless enough) and Nayrok’s part ( which I was not present for but saw the photos and a sample scene of cornstarch dripping ) and edit them together along with cosmic, green screen images ( which no one saw) then would show me the edit. .
    Instead, U disrespected me by releasing pics and rough vid on the internet without my approval. (Contract breech )
    That is equivalent to putting out a security camera’s images of me changing in the fitting room.
    I never would have approved that tasteless, meaningless, shock motivated video .
    Our art is a reflection of who we are . I have no connection to those images shot in their raw version. I was interested in seeing an amazing edit that would perhaps change or alter my thoughts . Never happened .
    You also did the same thing with the song itself which displays crappy “rough “vocals by me . I let it go , perhaps iiiii was missing something, I thought.
    I Should have followed my first mind back in studio when recording the vocals “your way”.
    ( Red flag.) It was uncomfortable.
    For that I am at fault .
    Consequently, brother, As a human I am disgusted with your what appears to be desperation and poor execution. And disregard for others . As a director I am unimpressed . As a sociologist I understand your type. As your fellow artist I am uninspired. As a woman I feel violated and underestimated.
    Hope it works out for ya ,Wayne.
    Really i could give a shit less.
    Still love your live show tho.
    And , you’re welcomed.
    Lesson learned .
    By the way I have guested in very few videos. But I have always been given the opportunity to see the edit and contribute to it when my roll is substantial. Not this time .
    I guess u feel it better to apologize than ask for permission and be refused . Hey, Love u man, but your ways are not very nice .
    O, And on behalf of all the artists u have manipulated or plan to manipulate, find another way .
    These things have been said out of necessity.
    And if you don’t like it
    you can KiSS MY Glittery ASS .
    O and Nayrok told me to tell u to kiss her ass too .
    Almost forgot.

    Ms. Badu


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