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Tami Roman whose is no stranger to telling it like it is or putting hands on someone, decided to publicly reveal her past. She said watching herself verbally and physically attack co-stars on the VH1 reality series, prompted her to get the help she needed.

Tami, who is still seeking therapy, said that; 

“I looked at season 2 and realized I had that altercation with Meeka [Claxton] because I have issues with someone violating my personal space. And that comes from the violence in my past. It makes me overly defensive. Literally I wake up every single day with somebody saying something hateful to me. That’s a hard burden to have to deal with. I’m just walking around like ‘don’t f-ck with me’. And in certain situations that’s not the proper attitude to have. So I knew I needed to get help to learn how to recover and move on.” 

 Although she believes she’s made progress, Tami doesn’t suggest that all her anger management problems are solved.

“With time I’m learning how to deal with these girls on the show. People will see me handle things in upcoming episodes. 

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