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Oh Beyonce!

The latest promotional image for Beyonce’s album 4 has folks in an uproar! Why so, you may ask…the new mother looks stunning in the visuals. Her body curves effortlessly over a leopard throw like a bent Twizzler. And her Victorian styled hair is flawless as always.

What’s wrong with the photo is that she looks whiter than Snooki on a pale day…

Why is it that Beyonce is the go-to woman as a spokesperson/ representative but is constantly lightened in all of her pictures? Is her barely paper brown bag skin not worthy enough of exposure? We’ve seen this before with her L’Oreal commercials.

The particular beef resonates with the young black girls who visit BeyonceOnline everyday, whom enter a site greeted by a banner that clearly depicts light skin women in all their glory. What message does this send the youth and adults caught up in a “light skin, dark skin” era?

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