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Recently Jazmyn Gilliard posted an article on HOT 107.9 Philly on why she feels black women are so angry. Here is what she thinks:

What’s up with the angry black woman?!? She is known in society for her loud, finger waving, no sense ways, but any logical person knows all of that is just a defense mechanism to not get hurt. The anger of a black woman stems from one main source…. THE BLACK MAN! Yup blame them for making her so angry.

Her papa was a rolling stone, brother is acting like a fool, and her man is trifling. If you went through all of this disappointment you’d be angry too. Forget all of the Miss Independent mumbo jumbo, women in general want to be taken care of. When a woman is forced wear the pants and play the role of a man time and time again resentment sets in and BOOM… anger is the result.

My advice for the angry black woman is simple…READ MORE HERE.

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