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50 Cent is turning out to be more than rapper but a very smart business man. His partnerships with  Vitamin water and Reebok  has  proven that he knows how to get money outside of the rap industry. Now he is looking to past on that knowledge .
50 Cent has recently partner with the World Food Program to donate a portion of his latest ventures Street King’s revenues to feed starving children and to help build wealth in Africa. In a statement 50 Cent revealed:

“Giving back to hungry children with every shot we sell is only part of the story. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel across Africa, and one thing I’ve learned is that it is filled with vibrant, young entrepreneurs who are eager to cultivate a sustainable business sector that will fuel growth for their future. That’s why I’m giving African entrepreneurs the chance to bring SK to their country,” 50 wrote in a statement.His aim? Partner with entrepreneurs across Africa to not only introduce Street King to a vibrant market, but help others grow their businesses as well. And with Africa leading the way with six of the world’s fastest growing economies, 50’s aims are not only admirable, but they’re good business as well.“I’ve had so much interest coming from Africa since I’ve launched SK. That’s why I’m opening up submissions to entrepreneurs across the continent to become distribution partners.” According to, 50 recently visited Kenya, where he spent time visiting schools across the nation.Despite most people thinking he’d expand Street King to Europe first, 50 says partnering with African entrepreneurs has always been his goal.“Everyone thought that we would expand immediately to Europe or South America. But if you know SK, you know the vision has always been to support my roots in Africa.”
Now if only more rappers could follow suit.