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Blatant disrespect of The First Lady depicted as a slave on the cover of a Spanish Magazine (Fuera de Serie) is being called art by some while largely offending a huge population. The artist who has a website that is incomplete, no biographical information nor is she traceable in Wikipedia has directly displayed  on canvas Mrs. Michelle Obama as a half nude slave, a person of property, no rights, no power, someone treated as less than human who doesn’t even generate any form of respect.

This form of so-called art is being used to stimulate mental pictorial manipulation on so many levels and has gone way too far. If this is freedom of expression of Famous Nudes then why is Queen Elizabeth of England nude image completely draped? Further more, her image is still that of a crowned Queen. Oh and by the way President Barack Obama’s Famous Image is completely nude and so is Prince Harry but this is party boy Harry’s most recent behavioral pattern.

Racism in America is far beyond a past ugliness it is AMERICA land of hatred, land of racism that spreads, consumes and destroys like a venomous virus extending beyond American boarders.

Karine Percheron-Daniels the artist superimposed The First Lady Michelle Obama’s face on an 1800 portrait of a female slave whose image is said to have represented the emancipation in France where female bondage was synonymous with slavery. The original picture was by a French female painter Marie Guillemine Benoiste.

According to the editor, the picture is meant to honor Michelle Obama … the “gran mujer” (great woman) who “conquered the heart” of the man who would be president and “seduced the American people.”


The headline read “Michelle, Granddaughter of a Slave, Lady of America”

In stead, it sparks controversy, insults, causes anger but we must understand the underlying political angle.

Michelle Obama is a Lady … America’s Frist Lady, America’s Queen and should be respected as such. All in politics is not fair but all in art should not be free there’s a price to pay and a line to draw.

The image’s creator, Karine Percheron-Daniels, seems to believe or should I say she hopes others will trust  that she “depicted the first lady in such a manner “for obvious reasons.”  … huh! She then continues her asinine statement by saying “I’m sure [she] would love it, and I hope that someday she can see it.” I must say this statement sounds very Tea Party like … ignorant!

Unlike Mrs. Michelle Obama I am not the wife of America’s first Black President nor am I The First Lady. But I am an African American Woman who finds no glory in slavery, bondage, mental physical abuse, rape of my ancestors including the land of Africa nor family separation, thievery and murder as something to idolize although it is not a forgotten history.

You wanna complement Black America start by depicting me with reparation and the American flag wrapped around my derriere! 

I see racism as it lives, it is in no way flattering or friendly!

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