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Tonight is the first of what will be three debates between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney . Expectation has been mounted on both sides but both parties for this first debate and what to listen for may seem hard to figure out. If you watch cable news or listen to talk radio you have been lead to believe you are listening for “zingers” – what we pretty much consider someone “cracking slick” or “one-liners”. Zingers however do not give us any details or substance to make a more informed decision about what either candidate will or won’t do if elected (or re-elected respectively).  The body language of both men will be discussed in great detail and considered to be a tell of whether or not they are genuine in what they are saying as they give their answers to the moderator. I seek to make this just a little bit easier to digest and get what you need from it. 

First and foremost, debates of this magnitude have pre-determined subject matter, tonight’s will be Domestic Policy. Domestic Policy is exactly what it sounds like, it is the policies that apply to the services and conditions under which we that live here in the United States live under as dictated by the powers that be. In this election the key issues of domestic concern have been the economy, tax reform, Medicare, and unemployment. Expect for these three subjects to come up quite a bit under all kinds of different coded words like “entitlements”, “class warfare”, “joblessness”, and “fiscal cliff”. These are terms used to invoke emotions in you as voters and citizens to either strengthen your support of one candidate or against the other. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE RHETORIC! Know specifically what you want answered based on your concerns and listen intently for real answers about these issues.

Debate airs 6-7:30pm PST/9-10:30pm EST on all cable and local news networks.

Written by @CatalinaByrd: Poet, Political Pundit & Host of On-Point Radio. For more info email: Catalina.byrd@gmail.com

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