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Anyone from Baltimore has heard  of The Softones. The group whose name matched their sound. The gorgeous falsetto of Marvin Brown and the tight harmony of Elton Lynch, Steve Jackson & Byron Summerville.

They started out while still in school and became known as The Edmonson Av Temptations. From here they toured all over the world and had hit records.

They have been legends in Baltimore since the 60’s and opened the door for Dru Hill, and Starpoint, Ruff Ends and other groups from here.

As for me, I met The Softones in 1980 at The  Ritz here in Baltimore. We became great freinds. I’ve even been on the road with them. One night we traveled to Lincoln University to do their homecoming. I was the MC and The Softones turned it out. Memories I’ll never let go of.

Byron was always the first to call me when they had a new record. He called me one day so excited because they had just put up The Softones web site. More Memories.

We have the music, we have the rest of the Softones, so I’ll guess we’ll be ok. Go ahead, rest in peace Bryon. Thanks for being my freind.