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This will be my last post on guns for awhile. Apparently we rather have the right to buy guns than protect our kids. We’re not getting anywhere on this, and we wont, because we keep sending the same Congress back to DC. Speaking of the 2nd amendment and the people who wrote The Constitution, Congress was meant to be a brief public service job, not a career. The founding fathers gave congressman only a two year term so they could return home and resume their life. Now they spend the 2 yrs. hoping they dont piss off the big money boys like the National Rifle Assoc.

Congressmen shouldn’t be scared of The NRA. It should be vice versa. If you want to get the picture, spend 5 minutes and look up the last time your representative voted against the NRA. Doesnt happen. You want to know somethin really scary, The national media didnt start picking up the Connecticutt story until they realized it was kids dying. IT WASNT EVEN NEWS !!! Well until the next massacre, I’ll be praying it doesnt affect my family or yours.

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