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US-POLITICS-INAUGURATION-OFFICIAL-OBAMA I found myself very intrigued with a sense of pride. The decision was to take the Presidential Oath at the 57th Inauguration with the Bibles of President Abraham Lincoln and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  This ceremonial moment was a historical highlight, and the first of its kind.

“I had the great privilege that the Bible we used was his Bible and they asked for it to be inscribed,”

This non enforced tradition initiated by George Washington has been followed by previous Presidents. But, President Obama opened a new chapter with the use of  President Abraham Lincoln’s Bible and Civil Rights Leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Bible, embracing a doctrine that mirrors that of both political icons.

Whether it’s of spiritual or political significance it’s a powerful statement that has a feel of inclusion.

Today’s inaugural  prayer represented a diverse faith and a diverse people in a diverse America!

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