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Jay-Z‘s name rings synonymous with musicians and entertainers such as Kanye West, Beyonce, Rihanna, Young Jeezy and more…When Mr. Carter declared that he would be headlining a two-day festival–the first of its kind– the initial question that came to mind was: “Who will he bring out during his set?” You could have predicted that veteran Rocafella rappers–Memphis Bleek, Freeway or Beanie Sigel would make an appearance, but the anticipation of who else might cross the stage was overwhelming.

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Fans who had been waiting since the early morning chanted “Hova” as the clock struck 9:30. Their hands joined in the air to form a diamond as the fingers of photographer’s itched to catch the first image of Jay as soon as his Air Yeezy’s touched the stage.

But, then POTUS Obama’s face appeared. The panels on the side of stage, glowed with our President, who urged the crowd to “Vote.”

50,000 audience members erupted into applause but the screams that followed, when Jay-Z emerged from the darkness, would trump that as just noise.

Two bright chains rested neatly over his black T-shirt. He paused for a moment to inhale the welcoming before jumping into the Just Blaze-produced “Public Service Announcement.”

Joined by Philly’s very own–Freeway–Jay performed the hood anthem “What We Do” and followed it with a cameo from Memphiz Bleek on “Is That Yo Chick?”

Alicia Keys’ husband–Swizz Beatz–bounced from speaker to speaker during the upbeat performance of “On To The Next.”

Kanye West, Pusha T, Big Sean, 2 Chainz and Common infiltrated the stage for this year’s summer anthem–”Mercy.” In unison, with the lyrical crew, the crowd could be heard screaming “Rick Flair n***a” over “New God Flow.” After 30 minutes of G.O.O.D Music, there was only one song left to do. Jay placed his hand on Kanye’s shoulder and asked “Where you going?” His smirk said it all.

Every man, woman and child jumped like they were trying to touch the sky. “N***s In Paris” echoed through Central Philly along with the sounds of thousands of feet slapping the ground over and over again.

The show ended with fireworks. Bright red, white and blue lights soared through the air lending affirmation to the patriotic title “Made In America.”

Watch Jay’s performance, below:

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