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There is really no way to be fully ready for a terrorist attacks. However there are things you can do to prepare for the unexpected and reduce the stress that you may feel now and later should another emergency arise.  

Crowded, public spaces, particularly at peak times are some of the Top Targets they include:

Subways, trains or buses, Malls, Train or bus stations and airport check-in lines. Restaurants, discos, casinos and nightclub, Stadiums, Movie theaters, Churches, temples and other religious gatherings. Schools or universities.

When It Happens:

At the first flash or blast, hit the ground and get as low as possible to avoid debris and smoke. Shelter behind something and expect another bomb.

Get yourself and anyone you can to an exit and get out.

Beware of building collapse. Once you have made it out of the area, get away from any structures that could collapse from the first blast, or any other bombings that could follow.

If you are injured, covered in debris or hidden from sight:

If you can elevate bleeding limbs above your heart or compress the bleeding, do so.  Otherwise, move as little as possible to prevent further injury and to avoid kicking up dust, which can hinder breathing.

If you are covered or out of view, try to remain calm. Struggling may aggravate your injuries. Unless you must, do not waste energy yelling, because this may cause you to inhale harmful dust and vapors. Instead, clap or tap on something. Help will get to you soon.

Remember, above all, be vigilant. Terrorist attacks usually happen in public places. Keep an eye out for suspicious behavior, vehicles or packages. If you have any fears or suspicions whatsoever, inform the police straight away if possible.