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Federal Officials believe they can identify the sender of a poisonous letter headed to The White House addressed to President Obama.  The ricin laced letter was intercepted at an off site mail facility that screens all mail sent to congress.

It has been suggested that this is possibly the same type of  suspicious material sent to another member of congress.

“Ricin is made from castor beans and can kill within 36 hours. There is no antidote. Some threatening letters simply contain ground castor beans, resulting in a positive field test for ricin without the concentrated poison.

People can be exposed to ricin by touching a ricin-laced letter or by inhaling particles that enter the air when the envelope is opened. Touching ricin can cause a rash but is not usually fatal. Inhaling it can cause trouble breathing, fever and other symptoms, and can be fatal”.

In wake of further tests and  full laboratory results no arrests have been made. However, completed testing and results should be available in 24 to 48 hours.

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