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Courage is a thing that many of us grow up knowing about .We learn it in baby steps.


The first time you stood up in your crib took was courageous. Courage comes in small steps. Often it is in the small things of necessity is where we find courage.

This is how the  dictionary defines courageous:

Courageous: 1. the ability to do something that you know is right or good, even though it isdangerous, frightening, or very difficult 2.have the courage to do something  3.pluck up/summon up (the) courage (=try to make yourself feel brave enough to do something): 

Cowards are debilitated by excessive fear, especially of things that shouldn’t be feared.Courage is a virtue that philosophers have been trying to define for millennia. Courage isn’t only about physically heroic acts that draw accolades, such as charging into the pounding surf to rescue a child or climbing the tallest peak. It is required to navigate the moral and internal challenges of daily life such asjob loss, economic stresses, health crises, divorce, parenting dilemmas and assaults on our values and ideals.

Most people, when asked to recount a time when they acted courageously, said they had a clear goal in mind and pursued that goal despite feeling intense emotions such as fear and even anger. Build up your confidence in those situations by acknowledging the risk and recognizing that you can handle it. Then, take action to deal with the situation. That’s courageous.

Try it today by reminding yourself :

Even When Life Is Tough, I Am Courageous!

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