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In the infinite realm of religious worshipers and believers, there are sheep and there are shepherds. Spiritual leaders who are called to govern and guide congregants from the powerful pulpit of influence and divine enlightenment, by whatever God they serve.

In some religions, the objective is to save or purify your beliefs and behavior, a prerequisite for souls to be redeemed  in the afterlife of eternity. But in a more inclusive less antiquated approach to church and Sunday Worship the relationship has grown to become more here and now, a focus on achievable of spiritually, health, wealth and material things called blessings.  To rejuvenate the power of the church especially the Black Church now is better with the prospect of eternal peace.  That goal is attainable through knowledge and spiritual balance.

The language of  ministerial leaders is strong relevant content of conversation that makes them Sunday heroes from a visibly distant pulpit. Where Pastors are gaining on celebrity status, and remembering their own humanness is sometimes an abundant or distant thought.

Unfortunately, we have been captivated by the person and not the anointing.

People will be people  while real salvation is knowing the difference.