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Gabrielle Union’s is set star in the BET production “Being Mary Jane” which premieres, tomorrow, Tuesday.

Her character, Mary Jane, is a single, career-driven woman still on the quest for love.

Gabrielle told “Access Hollywood, “For a lot of us of a certain age, it’s our life. As much as we are fulfilled by our careers, our families, and our friends…you’ve accomplished all this stuff, but all it becomes is stuff if you don’t have anyone to share it with.”

Although Gabrielle is currently unmarried but she is a committed relationship with NBA star Dwyane Wade and can relate to having to balance a demanding career and love.

During the NBA season Gabby can be seen using her frequent flyer miles to support her man but once the season ends Wade is the one doing the traveling to be by her side.

“The off season is his turn to fly,” she said.

Gabrielle said, “It becomes part of what drives us: Find a man; have a family. Everyone wants to have it all and strive for that perfect life. Without a dude, is it really perfect? Do you really have it all? Certainly, for a lot of Black women, it hasn’t been a dream come true.

There is a list of males such as Steve Harvey, Hill Harper and Dr. Phil who have poured their advice on wisdom on how to find a good man. According to Gabrielle, Mary Jane may need to start with the woman in the mirror.

Gabrielle has been married before, She said, “There’s a number of reasons why she’s single and some of that has to do with her. She has to take responsibility for being not always so nice and giving and warm and nurturing. I think when we are career women and we are head of household, we’re used to doing things our way. When you’re trying to share your life with someone that attitude doesn’t always work so well. For me, it’s sweeter to have somebody to come home to and share it with”.