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As Florida cautions for possible civil unrest in the final arguments in the Trayvon Martin murder trail. The question remains … was it murder or self defense. In today’s closing argument did the Prosecution (Bernie De la Rionda) prove that George Zimmerman profiled Trayvon Martin

He had 40 dollars and 15 cents in his pocket wearing an ID photo, talking to a girl and Miami minding his own business he was doing nothing wrong” … but this man decided differently “he assumed Trayvon Martin was a criminal”! Friday morning Mark O’Mara and the defense’s agenda is to convince the jury of George Zimmerman imminent fear of danger equaling self-defense. Ultimately, their team wants to prove complete innocence of their client George Zimmerman.

The jury will consider a conviction of second degree murder or manslaughter. Under Florida law second degree murder, which carries a possible penalty of life in prison. A possible lesser charge is manslaughter, for which he could be sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment.

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