Damn Toni Braxton luck has just about run out. After filing for bankruptcy for the second time the singer lost rights to 27 of her hit songs.

In the deal she struck with her creditors Toni was given the opportunity to buy her music catalogue back for $20,000. However one of the clauses was that she could be outbid for those rights and that’s exactly what happened.

A man by the name of Ross M. Klien paid $40,000 for Toni music catalog. Now he owns 27 of Toni Braxton songs. Some of the songs sold to Klein are early Toni Braxton hits like “How Many Ways,” “You’re Makin’ Me high,” and “Always.” What this means is that every time one of these 27 songs get played Klien will get paid.

Unsung Cruise

The good news in the matter is Braxton’s signature ballad “Un-Break My Heart” wasn’t part of the collection of songs sold.


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