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I am so very touched by this story and wishing Washington Washington Football Team biggest fan Mrs. Georgia Poole happy birthday, who will turn 100 on August 16th. I guess you can say she received an early birthday present with appreciation.

Excited about meeting her favorite player the beautiful Mrs. Poole greeted Quarterback “RG3″, Robert Griffin III with conversation, advise on not to get hurt this season,“you doing a wonderful job, you going to the Superbowl this year. be careful now…don’t be hurt no more now”.  RG3 endured a major off-season surgery. But the heart of the 99 year-old Skins fan was pleased to have her dream come true. She  even received a hug and kiss from her favorite star quarterback, RG3

Although RG3 appeared cool while meeting Mrs Poole he later twitted …  “Met a lady, who happened to be a redskin fan, today who is 100 years old. Long life is truly a blessing”.

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