According to TMZ,  Lamar Odom simply up and vanished and folks associated with him are extremely concerned. They are scared that he’s off on a drug binge.

Folks on both the Odom and Kardashian sides of the families, haven’t had contact with him in over a week.

TMZ first reported … Khloe Kardashian threw Lamar out of the house Wednesday after attempting an intervention which Lamar  rejected.

Lamar’s been battling addiction for at least 2 years — and even reluctantly agreed to go to rehab in San Diego a year ago … although he bailed after 3 weeks.

TMZ‘s sources say Lamar Odom has started losing it since basketball season ended and he became a free agent.

Those sources say his drug addiction is the core reason why his marriage to Khloe has fallen apart. The families are  concerned about him doing crack cocaine.

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