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Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Lays Wreath For Navy Yard Shooting VictimsEarly Monday morning Washington DC was the scene of a shooting rampage which killed 12 people. The shooting took place where most thought to be secure. National security is a tough job, shielding and fighting against the obvious enemy, everyday American citizens and not to mention, the mentally deranged, as in the case of 34-year-old Aaron Alexis.

The DC Navy yard failed to secure the lives of 12 employees in an environment regarded as top-secret, work classified. So how did an armed gunman with an automated rifle get pass security, visible and at a stance long enough to kill and wound so many people.

As the investigation continues into the case its been exposed that according to sources there were early indications that Aaron Alexis had some mental issues. Including a history of encounters and incidents with law enforcement but somehow maintained a security clearance.

Official failed to notify authorized personnel of the mental dilapidation of the Navy civilian contractor.

Many lives were lost, many wounded and many others damaged … probably in need of counseling after Monday’s horrific scene at the DC Navy Yard. Perhaps this could have been prevented

1. Alexis Mental Health Should Have Been Identified

2. Security Clearance Revoked

3. Increased Security Functions Should Have Already Been In Place

The Mother of the now deceased gunman apologies to the families of the murdered navy Yard employees and to others.

Washington Navy Yard Area Recovers Day After 13 Dead In Shooting

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