With Florida authorities deciding not to pursue rape charges against a FSU star quarterback because his friends witnessed consensual sex and not an attack; a lot of conversation has been going around about men protecting themselves from false charges.

Our morning conversation was about this — Are we at a point where men have to get a confirmation text/ video before getting intimate to protect themselves?

  • They should. Some young ladies are spiteful and when in certain situations only see dollar signs. Young folk need to reevaluate a lot of decisions before they take place.
  • Unsung Cruise
  • It really is sad bc false allegation for whatever reason undermines the plight of all actual sexual assault victims
  • Absolutely LaDawn , I know you meant it jokingly but yes, it has gotten to that.
  • It’s sad that it may come to that … Times have changed where young girls know that a false rape charge can produce a big check
  • I think us guys should make girls that are flakey from the jump sign a non- disclosure form

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