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We got to the heart of it during our Morning Conversation on Thursday — Do ugly babies exist?

  • Yes! Yes!and Yes! I have seen some that make me jump in fear! I am sorry if that offends but that is just honest. Now that said there is no need to point it out! I also think we have to be honest just like there are geniuses and people who are not and never will be geniuses there are people with different levels of attractiveness in society.
  • Good Gawd A Mighty….Yes Lawd!!!
  • Funny looking maybe. But not ugly
  • Uh…… Yeah!
  • Just like all puppies & kittens are cute… So r babies. But when they grow up is another story lol
  • No, babies are God’s gift and can’t be ugly
  • Yes, those babies where you just take a breath when you see them because you don’t know what to say

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