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2013 was full of big stories, from the trial of neighborhood watch killer George Zimmerman to Real Housewives of Atlanta drama. Here’s our list of this year’s top-viewed stories on Which one is most memorable to you?

54-Year-Old Lillie McCloud Stuns ‘X-Factor’ Judges

If you didn’t see this season of “X-Factor”, then you missed the very talented Lillie McCloud. The 54-year-old singer blew the judges and audience away with her rendition of a Luther Vandross classic.

Romany Malco Pens ‘Message to Trayvon Sympathizers’

“Think Like a Man” actor Romany Malco wrote a very passionate article in reference to the Zimmerman trial. “Trayvon isn’t in the mainstream news for any reason other than ratings and profit,” he said.

Trayvon Martin’s Friend, Rachel Jeantel, Offered Full Ride Scholarship from Tom Joyner

Rachel Jeantel, the friend of Trayvon Martin who was on the phone with him during his last moments, received an avalanche of negative backlash from her testimony during Zimmerman’s trial. Tom Joyner reached out to Jeantel to turn the negativity into a positive bright future.

George Zimmerman May Head Back to Court to Face Molestation Charges

After the trial, stories of Zimmerman’s past came to light, including a story by a family member accusing the neighborhood watchman of molestation. The Zimmerman saga continues.

COMMENTARY: New Evidence in Kendrick Johnson’s Death? Let’s Get to the Truth. Was It Murder?

The horrific story of Georgia teen Kendrick Johnson made headlines this year and shocked the country. The teen’s body was found in a school gym wrapped in a wrestling mat and the case was literally swept under the rug with no witnesses, no leads and no charges.

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