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A recent study pointed out that people under 35 tend to think of Christmas symbols (Santa, tree, gifts etc.) instead of the spiritual meaning.

So our Morning Conversation was:

Is Christmas commercial or spiritual for you?

  • Honestly, its very commercial but that’s just on the surface. I like giving the gifts. I like seeing everybody having a good time and being together. We probably do way too much but its in good spirits and with good intentions.
  • For me more spiritual, but some are more focus on the gifts instead of Christ, and they not just the 35 and under crew!lol
  • I’m 26 and it has always been spiritual for me. I guess going to private school growing up kind of laid that foundation. As I got older, I realized it’s not about the particular day Jesus was born, but being grateful for his birth and life.
  • Spiritual, I see so many parents beating themselves up because they can’t buy for their children for Christmas.  If you taught them the real reason for the season then the parent or child would not be hurt.  A sister told me that her children are only given 3 gifts during the holidays and they volunteer to help others.  I thought that was remarkable and a good example being set.




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