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You may have notice these young men dangerously weaving in and out of traffic on dirt bikes in the streets of West Baltimore. Many times these young men are viewed as  public nuisances and cause fear among drivers around them as they execute the mind blowing feats on dirt bikes.

Lotfy Nathan, former student of The Maryland Institute College of Art also notice the infamous bikers around town. He began to inquire about the bike riders and discovered no one really knew anything about them. As a result he decided to film a  feature for his Documentary course.  Nathan’s  project shoot covered approximately  three years which led into a full length documentary.

In 2010 he meets a young boy named Pug whose ultimate goal is to become a 12 O ‘Clock  Boy. “They call them 12 O’Clock Boys because they drop the bikes straight back, if you get to 12 O’Clock you’re the [curse word], ” explains  Pug in the narrative of the documentary. Pug is primarily the focus of the film.

12 O ‘Clock Boys has received critical acclaim in which Lotfy Nathan has earned HBO’s Emerging Artist Award. February 21st is the expected release date. Visit 12 O’Clock Boys for additional information