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A brother reached out because he is still talking and texting his newly married ex and wants her back. He didn’t see anything wrong with it, but wanted to know my thoughts.

My Advice

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Your Advice:

  • No, he is probably just waiting and hoping she crosses that line. The only way for them to remain friends is if neither one of them has any of those feelings for each other
  • If the foundation is a friendship, care enough about the friend to walk away and let them be happy in their relationship as a MRS. not a friend.
  • The best man in real life drama..mmm umf! lol..idk .how’d that movie end again?
  • In the scenario you just gave it doesn’t seem like a healthy situation for him or the new marriage. I hope he will be able to move forward and find a fulfilling relationship with someone and see his ex In a platonic way then maybe if it doesn’t cause a problem with his ex’s marriage they can be friends.






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