March Against Florida’s Stand Your Ground law

The parents of Black slain teens Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis have teamed up with  Rev. Al Sharpton and Magic 95.9’s own  Tom Joyner to lead a rally today against Florida’s Stand Your Ground law. The march will start at the CivicCenter to the Florida State Capitol, where the rally and keynote speech are scheduled to take place.

Malaysian Jetliner Crash

There still no signs of the  Malaysian jetliner missing with 239 people on Malaysian aviation authorities investigated how two passengers were apparently able to get on the aircraft using stolen passports . Investigators believe the  airplane is between Malaysia and Vietnam where it vanished from screens early Saturday morning en route to Beijing.

Man Shoots Grandson

For the latest edition of Florida crazy, a man critically injured his grandson when he shot the boy for not getting up to go to school. 72-year-old Ulysses Hayes got in the middle of an argument between his daughter and grandson. Apparently, the 16-year-old boy was refusing to get ready for school because he decided he wasn’t going. With his mother yelling at him to get up, the screaming match kept escalating until Ulysses Hayes stepped to defend his daughter. Hayes and his grandson argued for a little bit and when Hayes had enough he went and got his gun. Hayes shot his grandson. The teen is still in critical condition after surgery to remove the bullet from hide back.

Isaiah Washington Returning Back To Grey Anatomy

Do you remember Isaiah Washington  character on Grey’s Anatomy and him being exiled. Well fans of the show can look for his return on the show after 7years ABC announced the actor will return to ”Grey’s Anatomy” for a guest appearance in May. Show creator, Shonda Rimes told The Hollywood Reporter,” all for the authenticity of the art. Washington’s comeback is only going to be for one episode, reprising his role of Dr. Preston Burke.


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