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Saturday Situation:

At the studio this morning a co-worker and I were staring clueless at the coffemaker as an older woman looked on and simply shook her head at our ignorance at working a basic kitchen appliance. Are women less domestic today and does it even matter?

  • In some ways I do think that we’re less domestic. Back in the day there were more stay at home moms, and the young girls were taught how to do everything from cooking to laundry…in preparation for a family life. Now there’s no more home economics classes in schools. Today both parents have to work to make ends meet. That doesn’t really leave a lot of time for that.
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  • It’s not even that serious, you simply don’t know… Me
  • Yes they are because times have changed!
  • I think that women are less domestic these days.  You would be surprised at how many women cant boil water! Today, it is just shocking at how many women dont know how to be a women and have the nerve to have standards for a man that they themselves can’t meet! 
  • I had a group of women over for dinner one night, and they tore up my kitchen trying to warm the food because they didn’t know how to operate the stove or knew where any of the gadgets were. A hot mess!
  • Yes women are less domesticated and it’s because of the push to educate girls and get them into the workforce. This was a great thing and benifited women as well as society as a whole. However, as it would happen, the pendellum swung too far and a lot of the household skills women used to learn get bypassed.


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