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Tonight #MagicHeSaidSheSaid was about — Do you have to be friends with your lover’s friends?


He Says …

  • No, and its even best if they aren’t. Cordial, cool, can hang out in the group, yes. But friendship goes a lil far. That can lead to uncomfortable lines being crossed. Who do they remain loyal to? If yall break up are they still friends? If you and the friend fall out are they going to talk bad about u to their new friend. And so on
  • Yes, to keep things honest. Especially if you have friends of the opposite sex.
  • No you do not. There has to be a little respect between the parties because of the person shared, but they don’t necessarily have to be friends


She Says …


  • Yes, why should I not be in his circle?
  • No but I would like to be. His friends say a lot about the type of person he is.
  • No not necessarily but to be polite and cordial is always good
  • No we all need an outlet away from our spouses/significant others.