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‪#‎MagicHeSaidSheSaid‬— Tyra Banks recently made the switch to a short cut and she looks fabulous. —

Which is sexier on a woman short or long hair?

He Says …

  • Doesn’t matter as long as it’s HER hair!…Lol
  • I prefer long natural myself,  but if she can pull off that cute short look that works too 
  • Long, short, hell even none if she sexy she sexy… At the end of the day it’s all in how she carry herself….
  • I think some women can pull off the halle berry look, but `er……lol….I love the long silky hair!


She Says … 

  • The hair is just the topping. Sexy is the attitude.
  • I will be honest-long if it is yours and short like Tyra if it is not. I will probably get hissed at but it is your hair do what you want but I get tired of people talking about how they hate being disrespected as a black person but a lot of black people do everything in their power to look less African American and more Eurocentric with a ton of weave,etc. I just think most people are more attractive when enhancing what they already have.
  • Short for me. I feel sexy, brave, and sassy! 
  • I think it’s the sexy women that makes the hair sexy. All in her attitude