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#MagicHeSaidSheSaid‬ — I am a Bedroom Kandi Consultant and I did a party this weekend where a big part of our discussion was if it was wrong for the party hostess to ban her mom from attending. Some women thought she was right and others thought she was wrong for not having mom join in on the fun.

Could you attend a strip club or adult toy party with a parent? 

  • Yes, my mom would be invited along with all other family females. We are a very close knit family and can discuss just about anything and hang out together anywhere.
  • Yes, I could. More so with dad than with mom.
  • No! My Mom and Aunt’s were all banned…as well as children and Men…
  • I would, I had an event with male strippers & my mom & grandmother were there.
  • Nope I wouldn’t feel comfortable and out of respect for her she should stay home.
  • I used to attend strip shows with my mom and sisters. I had a toy party and didn’t invite her. Lol didn’t want her to know what type of kinky stuff my Fiancé and I do.
  • It depends on the mother daughter relationship. My mother and i have always been open about sex. I wouldn’t mind if my mother came to a toy party with me.
  • My mom wouldn’t attend the toy party, it’s all about respect, its not wanting her to be a part of it , for wanting to maintain the respect
  • Nope! My mom has to stay home. She does not need to know about that side of things. LOL. She’d be forever asking questions now, and God forbid she start talking about her own business. Eeeeewwwwww