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‪#‎MagicHeSaidSheSaid‬ — Is it just a man’s nature to cheat?

  • No! If he wants to be respected as the head of the house, he will follows God’s plan and honor his wife by staying faithful.
  • Yup! I believe so because they can love that woman at home and never plan on leaving. But will cheat just because with no reason or feeling.
  • Cheating is no different than committing a crime, you need, the method, the motive and the opportunity.
  • “A man’s nature?” Foolishness! I personally find it too tiring—mentally. Dudes be thinking they Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible trying to cover it up with alibis etc. I’ve seen it get quite elaborate.
  • I think it everyone’s truthfully. I do not think that monogamy is natural—you make the choice to partner, build a life and be faithful but it is not a natural state. The average person changes jobs 7-10 times in a lifetime, we upgrade phones every 6 months to a year. Society does not encourage or promote loyalty and fidelity but you can choose to live your life that way and I think men may get caught more but I know they are not the only ones to cheat. We cheat our hair color, salaries on our diet, on our spouses- everybody cheats at something. LOL- just sayin!