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‪#‎MagicHeSaidSheSaid‬ — Who makes a better boss women or men?


  • It depends, I’ve had both and in different professions. The females have mentored more, IMO.
  • I really can’t say.. Both have their issues. But I’m just ready for a woman president. Can we get some estrogen in the White House?
  • I would have to say men.Women tend to be catty & messy.
  • I don’t think have an on the job boss,but if I did I’d rather have a woman boss,,,they make you wanna come to work the next day,,,
  • WOMEN definitely…men are not good bosses at all!!!!
  • Men, some women have to many personal issues… Attitudes… If she don’t have a man.. Look out!!!! And PMS! I will take a male boss
  • Women especially mothers, are better leaders…they already posses the skill set to be a good leader: motivating, empowering, ability to listen, ability to communicate, provides obtainable goals
  • I’m usually neutral when it comes to such, but definitely MEN. No offense, but I’m sure there will be some taken, women get TOO bossy and tend to micromanage and dare I say—nag