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‪#‎MagicHeSaidSheSaid‬ — Janet looked great on last night’s BET Awards, but some are saying she is more covered up because of her husband’s religious beliefs.

Would you play down your sexy if your lover requested it?

  • No, he met me this way and I don’t plan on changing.
  • I think it just show’s respect. Single ladies dress more revealing often times to attract the attention, but a married lady should show a little more class and tone down some of the revealing and attention grabbing clothing.
  • I loved Janet’s look! Tamar looked like she died 2 year’s ago and they forgot to bury her. Janet is a role model
  • No, it is control. You can’t be drawn to the sexy and then scared of it later.
  • Yes I would. I would respect my husband and marriage. She knew his religion before she got married.
  • I believe if you marry someone who is Muslim you are saying I AM COMFORTABLE with toning down my sexiness. You walked into the relationship knowing that is apart of his beliefs and if you want to be with him you will adjust it a little
  • It’s not playing it down, respect comes with the entire relationship, it goes both ways.