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2015 BET Awards - Show

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Chris Brown is the entertainer everyone loves to hate.

From his constant run-ins with the law, to his lothario ways, Breezy makes headlines for more bad than good. But we’re honest enough to admit we love to watch him perform.

Chris hit a freestyle last month to Future‘s “March Madness” and it reminded us why we still love him. Despite his bad boy persona, he’s super talented.

Check out the 5 performances that prove he’s a hybrid mix between Michael Jackson and Bobby Brown.

2011 Video Music Awards

This is possibly Chris’ best award show performance. He danced for nearly the entire performance and even flew out into the crowd and continued dancing! Even Jay Z was forced to give him props for this.

2014 Soul Train Awards

Chris Brown returned to the Soul Train Awards last year and performed a medley of his nearly ten year career. We don’t like that he ended the performance with “Loyal” in front of a large audience of women but everything else was amazing.

BET Awards 2010- Michael Jackson Tribute

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The 2010 BET Awards show was definitely Chris’ comeback performance. BET dedicated the 2009 BET Awards to celebrating the life of Michael Jackson but with the Rihanna assault happening a mere four month before the show, Chris was not invited to participate. BET invited Chris to perform the next year and it was simply magical.

2015 BET Awards

The BET Awards might as well be called the Chris Brown awards. Every year Breezy performs at least twice during the show. This year was no exception. Chris not only hit the stage to perform his own medley of songs but was also on stage with Diddy. The boy sure can dance.

2013 Billboard Music Awards

While this isn’t Chris’ best performance vocally, the choreographer and set design definitely make up for. He hit the stage at the Billboard Awards to perform the hit “Fine China” and the infusion of dance and martial arts definitely made this one of Chris’ standout performances. Can we get some more performances like this?

We’ll never forget his assault on Rihanna, but we’re still rooting for him.


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