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Would you rather have 5 years of the best sex ever or 5 years of no bills? Why?

5 years no bills because great sex isn’t hard to come by for me….lol!! Plus toys and a good imagination will do the trick too

  • U mean no bills for 5 years….hell I can’t last 5 days….I’ll take 5 years of Sex for $500 Alec
  • No bills. 5 year window to build up for early retirement and freak off on the back end once I stop working early.
  • Best sex ever. NOTHING in life is free… EVER.
  • No bills shoot we can work on the sex, the bill collectors ain’t trying to work with anybody lol
  • No bills, I have businesses I want to start and I need money. I can teach a guy to have sex or use my vibrator
  • I want the sex…….If you doing me for 5 years your helping with the bills…….LOL
  • I’ll take no bills. We can snuggle and not worry or stress about debt and travel the world. Love is stronger than sexual. And after 5 years of no sex….amazing love making is going down!

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