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Does a person have to love their step kids on the same level as their own kids?

  • No not a must but it is ideal and makes it easier
  • Yes because once you marry a person with kid(s), they become yours as well. You can’t make your step kid(s) feel left out or loved any less than you love your own kid(s). It creates an uneasy environment for them and might cause problems in the marriage as well.
  • Of course, children are innocent and need to be embraced by the Step parent and love then unconditionally. There might be a tug of war on how they are disciplined but there’s boundaries you don’t cross.
  • I think it is a necessity to make your stepkids feel loved, secure, and want the best for them just like your biological kids. Yet, I feel as though in your heart you will love your biological kids differently and a to a closer extent because they are from your flesh and blood.
  • Ummmm no. I don’t love anyone on the level that I love my daughter. And I’m not ashamed to admit that.
  • Yes…because I see too many people having a my kids attitude…but then the parent’s of today have that he/she better not say anything to my child…
  • I’d like to think yes! When you enter a relationship with somebody, you are essentially accepting their family! In a relationship, how could anyone feel like a family if some kids are getting treated better than others?