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In support of an upcoming football game at Lincoln High School in Indiana, the players parents decorated the locker room and included a candy filled piñata of a player from the rival team,Tri High.

A Lincoln High school parent sent a picture of the pinata who was wearing a jersey with the #28 to a friend at Tri High which has gone viral. The player on the opposing team with that jersey is a black male.

According to an area paper, The Indy Star, the parents weren’t aware that #28 was a black boy because he didn’t play in the last game between the two schools.

Of all the numbers in the world, that excuse is quite unlikely. Since, the school district attorney Walt Chidester has issued a statement.

“This incident was not racially motivated. Lincoln High School and Western Wayne School Corporation deeply apologize to the Tri High player whose number was on the uniform and to his family for the use of the football piñata effigy and any perception of it as racially motivated.”

The statement also said, “It clearly was not the thought or intent of the Lincoln supporters or football players that this incident was anything more than a school rivalry.”

Do you think this was merely a coincidence or a blatant act of racism?


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