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There is a new trend of men getting hair weaves. The weaves take a totally bald guy to a dude with a tight cut.

Ladies: Would you date a man with a weave?

Fellas: Would you ever get one?

  • Appearance is a huge confidence builder, our men already have enough societal issues tearing them down. I would be supportive of my mate, if was important to his self image.
  • No I love my bald head look
  • No, I need all the weave money! Don’t want a man that spends more on his hair than I spend on mine lol.
  • Hell I’m gonna just go bald. Barber shop flow.
  • Does it stay on? I would if it stays on and isn’t like a wig. Like don’t take me out then come home, take your hair off and put it on the nightstand.
  • If he can date me with a weave, I can do the same thing with him
  • Nahhhhhhhh. If i ever start going bald I’m just gonna stay bald .
  • A weave can make a man go from “no way” to “bae” LMFAO
  • I don’t see anything wrong with it. It looks pretty natural, it’s just not for me. I always said when I started losing my hair I would just go bald, and that’s exactly what I did! Can’t see going back now.