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Lots of celebrity couples are admitting that their happy marriages are the result of granting “hall passes” for the wife or husband to cheat … no questions asked. Most say this cuts down on the secrets and keeps the marriage honest.

Would you grant your spouse a hall pass?

  • No because i should be enough for my husband and if not then we should not have gotten married
  • When you get married, it says to FORSAKE all others. If you can’t do that, then why get married.
  • I was given 1, I don’t want one and nor will he ever get one. I had an issue with infidelity and I would rather be done with the relationship
  • For what? IF MY PENIS IS CUTTING IT FOR YOU WHY A PASS? I believe this is sexual insecurity that you have to go outside your marriage/relationship to free yourself some more. If I’m not enough I’m taking that walk.
  • I don’t believe in monogamy but I do believe in reciprocity. So if I’m issuing one, I’m getting one.
  • If you need or want to get a Hall Pass then apparently you don’t need or want to be with that person. Just throw the rings away in the trash and move on.
  • Wouldn’t want one or give one. Too many creepy crawlers out there
  • Monogamy is not for everyone. Let people define their own boundaries of their relationships.

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