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Age old question night: Can You Be Friends With A Ex?

  • You can if you are seeking nothing in return but friendship
  • Civil sure. Friends no. You just going to catch feelings, it will be cool for a bit then breaking back up. Who want to go through that drama all over again.
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  • Only if children are involved…other than that there is a reason they are called your ex
  • I’m civilized with my ex when I see her, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that we’re friends.
  • I’m friends with my ex. I realize that people come into your life for a reason. Just because we weren’t meant to be lovers doesn’t mean we weren’t meant to be friends.
  • Nope. It it’s over, let it be over. Too many people in this world.
  • Yes…once you realize its not going to work you can be friends with no benefits its a level of maturity.
  • I think if it is a ex girlfriend or boyfriend it is possible but ex spouses, not at all. Marriage is a deeper commitment, vows, etc. so once you are divorce or separated there will be too much pain I think.
  • It’s very well possible, if you two respect each other’s boundaries & the fact that one another has moved on.

    Even better when your new spouses can get along, as well.


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