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Ben Carson Embarrasses 5th Grader During Campaign Speech

Democratic presidential candidate Ben Carson recently made a huge blunder during a campaign stop in Iowa. While speaking to a group of 5th graders, he asked, “Who’s the worst student?” Before he could finish his joke with the statement, “just kidding” the children all singled out one student. Carson tried to explain that he felt like he was the “dumbest” kid in school. After the speech, Carson pulled the little boy aside and encouraged him to become a neurosurgeon and he gave the student a copy of his autobiography, “Gifted Hands”. The Washington Post

President Obama May Withhold His Endorsement

Following his town hall on gun regulations, Obama has announced that he will not “campaign for, vote for or support any candidate, even in my own party, who does not support common-sense gun reform.” On the CNBC talk show, “Meet The Press” White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough said that the President will not back a candidate until after the Democratic primaries as he doesn’t want his endorsement to effect the outcome. “That’s the job of the party to make those decisions and then they’ll take a look at the agendas and the positions of those candidates, then we’ll make some final decisions,”said McDonough. The NY Daily News

Teacher Fired For Derogatory Social Media Posts

For Georgia teacher, Jennifer Lynch, the New Year began with a pink slip. Over the Christmas holidays, Lynch took to her Facebook page to share her annoyance with one of her students that needed extra hours to complete his exams due to a learning disability. “Thanks a lot, kid, for finally coming to finish your effin’ final more than THREE HOURS after school let out” began her rant. “He has some (expletive) disorder: one of those ‘we don’t know what his disorder is and we don’t want him to be labeled, so we are not going to find out, but we want academic accommodations anyway’ disorders.” While the Fulton County school district claims to not monitor their staff’s social media, the Facebook post made it’s way back to the school’s human resources department which forced Lynch to resign. “…She was notified that this behavior did not meet the standard of professionalism expected of all Fulton County teachers…” said a statement released by the school. WXIA-TV (NBC)

Maryland Cop Punished For Assault 

Former Prince George’s County officer Jenchesky Santiago has been sentenced to five years in jail for assaulting an unarmed black man in May 2014. When William Cunningham arrived at his home, Santiago said that he was illegally parked, though he was not. Cunningham attempted to enter his home when video footage shot by the victim’s cousin shows the officer forcing him back to the vehicle all the while pointing his gun at the man’s head. Santiago also shoved his gun down Cunningham’s throat and dared him to fight back. While awaiting sentencing, a call that the former officer made to his mother showed that he lacked remorse or accountability for the situation. “If anything, they should be saying ‘Sorry’ to me, because all he wanted was a payday,” said Santiago. In reference to the call Judge Dwight D. Jackson told Santiago,“Perhaps you were bored or perhaps you wanted to show off…You degraded that man.” The Washington Post


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