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To be straight forward, it all just seemed a little too easy for her: have a wealthy family, make sex tape with boyfriend that gets leaked, have a fat ass, become world renowned famous for…nothing.

That was the record player of thoughts running through my head every time I would see her on TV. As a girl coming from a working poor family, who had to take out numerous student loans to get the education I desired, and who had to scrape, bite, and crawl her way through New York City, I just couldn’t get with the social media fanfare that celebrated and praised Kim Kardashian.

She represented so much that I frowned upon: grotesque wealth, superficiality, and using your beauty to get ahead in life.

(Seriously, I invested 100K into my brain, how can anyone rely so heavily on beauty that fades so quickly?)

These feelings sent me on a tirade of Kim hate for so long. The only thing that stopped me in my mental war against her was realizing…she’s a woman and a mother. She’s a flawed woman who was born into privilege and thrust into the spotlight bringing her whole family with her.

There are similarities between her and the rest of us, no matter how much money she has. She loves her sisters just like I do (I also have 4), she’s suffered loss (I can’t imagine losing my dad), she’s had the whole world compare her to a whale while she was pregnant (I mean..that sucks).

I realized, how can I describe myself as a “a woman who is here for women” while harboring so much anger towards one of the most popular women in the world that I don’t even know.

So here’s a glimpse into my journey from Kim hate, to Kim appreciate:

1.She Loves Her Sisters

Sisterly relationships are so hard to understand unless you have one. Sure from the outside it looks like all we do is cat fight and b*tch at each other, but underneath the surface is so much history and love. In a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim praised Khloe for how far she’s come from her relationship with Lamar, while defending her sister against her mother, who was basically trying to keep Lamar in Khloe’s life. That sister-mom-sheild is so key to sibling relationships. And seeing that’s still important to her no matter how big she gets, meant a lot to me.

2.She Donated Shoes While Breastfeeding

I loved this moment for two reasons: 1. I just think it’s so trill to be openly breastfeeding while tweeting 2. Philanthropy!

The reality star donates 10% of her wealth to charity automatically. 

She said,” My dad always taught me the importance of giving back. I don’t publicize everything I do to help charities and people all over the world. I do it because I want to. I do it because my dad taught me to. I do it because it’s the right thing to do,”

Right on, Kim.

3. She’s Trying To Be Woke

Okay, she’s not marching in the streets or screaming #BlackLivesMatter, but she’s at least trying to keep up. I’m sure this one tweet about Sandra caused droves of her followers to look up the case.

4.She’s Honest About Her Insecurities

It was public knowledge that pregnancy was no walk in the park for the Aremenian beauty. She felt like a “f*cking whale” the whole time and described it as the “worst experience of her life” on her blog. I’m sure so many mom’s related to her pregnancy woes—growing a human ain’t easy!

5. She Squashed The Petty Social Media War By Posting A Picture With Her Husband’s Ex

It wouldn’t be easy for any woman to pose in a picture with a woman who just called ya man a #bootyinthefingersassbitch, but she did. Maybe, just because she’s a mom, she gets that her husband was way out of line saying he “owns” Amber Roses’s child. Maybe she thought, “You know what, we’re women, we are moms, let’s not let a man’s ego get in the way of that.”

Or maybe she just wanted the buzz. We will never know.

6.She Doesn’t Give A F*ck

When you are one of the most famous people in the world, you are pummeled with hateful comments every single day. And somehow, she strives passed the hateration. You think she’s over exposed? She will create emojis. You think she takes too many pictures? She creates a best-selling selfie book. You think she shows her ass too much? She will break the internet with her ass.

No matter what is thrown at her, she keeps coming back. And that’s why the world loves, and loathes her.

What say you beauties? Kim, hate her, or love her?


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