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Michelle Obama Wants New Emojis That Empower Girls

Many young girls have noticed that there aren’t many emojis of women professionals.“There’s no girls in the professional emojis, unless you count being a bride a profession,” says a young lady in a new campaign for the hygiene brand Always. Last year, the company launched its Like A Girl ad campaign — an effort to help build confidence in girls as they go through puberty. “Girls love emojis, but there aren’t enough emojis to say what girls do,” said another young lady. First Lady Michelle Obama is an education advocate who latest initiative is the #Let Girls Learn campaign. She recently joined the discussion by tweeting out that there should be an emoji of a girl studying. Always has since responded by creating an emoji of girl with books, a cap and gown and even an emoji of the FLOTUS herself. HuffPost

Atlanta Pharmacists Use Hospital For Undercover Drug Operation 

The pharmacy department of Emory University Hospital Midtown in Atlanta, GA is currently on probation after two technicians spent the last five years running an illicit undercover drug operation. The techs (who’s names have been withheld) had the hospital billed for excessive orders of potent painkillers such as hydrocodone and codeine.  When hospital staff discovered suspicious orders in July 2013, they contacted the Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency, the law enforcement arm of the pharmacy board, and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency. Emory Healthcare said in a written statement that it cooperated fully in the investigation and no patients were harmed. The hospital must pay a $200,000 fine and its pharmacy license is under probation for three years. The pharmacy must also keep a running inventory of these kinds of drugs and submit to a GDNA review of their practices and policies. The techs have since been terminated, no word on whether or no criminal charges has been filed. AJC

New Bill Advocates For Nurses In Schools

Due to budget restrictions, many low-income schools throughout the nation do not have a full time nurse on staff. Oftentimes medical staff are only available on certain days and times of the week. Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) has proposed, the NURSE Act which would allow schools and state agencies to apply for federal grant funds that would cover 75 percent of the cost of hiring a full-time school nurse. According to Sue Buswell, the Montana director of the National Association of School Nurses, there are a record number of students with severe health conditions from mental illnesses to type one diabetes. She supports the bill because a school nurse is sometimes the only medical professional a child in an unrepresented area may have access to. She believes schools that have nurses and less sick students result in better performing students. “Schools with school nurses have lower drop-out rates, higher graduation rates, opportunities for parents to be at work and not have to come home to take care of their kids” she said. HuffPost

Assailants That Shot Georgia Politician Have Been Sentenced 

Christopher Wright made history as one of Georgia’s youngest mayors. The tenure of the 24-year-old Dawson politician has since been marred with scandal. He was previously implicated in a child molestation case and he’s also a shooting victim. In 2013, Wright was shot six times on Halloween night. His mother, Tonya Johnson, was tied and beaten inside their Dawson home. Nakia Jones, 32 and Corderio Laney, 23, recently plead guilty to charges of burglary and aggravated assault in connection with the crime. They were both sentenced to 20 years probation on each of two counts of burglary, plus 20 years — seven of which to be served in prison — on each of the two aggravated assault charges. While Wright was a still a college student at the time, he was still very politically active having served as the former chairman of the Terrell County, GA, Democratic Party. He believes the shooting was politically motivated but he’s looking to put the situation behind him. “I’m  praying for [their lives], I would like to meet this man face to face and talk to him, and tell him I forgive him” said Wright. Albany Herald


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