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Janet Jackson is taking a break from touring to focus on having a family. At 49 many people were shocked that she is considering motherhood. Are you ever too old to be a new mom?

  • Absolutely not. If it’s in the cards, then it’s meant to be. My parents were much older when they decided to have me (39 and 63….YES, you are reading that correctly!) I’m 35 and I’m still going to wait a few more years until I’m in a better position.
  • I’m 38 and I’m hopeful.
  • I had my 2nd (and last) son at age 41 and the pregnancy went extremely well. The genetics tests put my risk factor in the same range as 18-20 yr olds, my energy level was high, and I wore 4″ heels daily until the bitter end… If it’s in His will, it will happen.
  • I don’t think there is necessarily an age that is considered to be too old to consider or have kids. I’m 36 and hope one day that I have a child/children. You just have to make sure you feel comfortable that it is the right time, you are with the right person and most importantly you are healthy enough so the baby is healthy and no risk.
  • It is older than I would prefer and probably too old and late for me, but that said for each person it is like snowflakes you are unique and individual and you do not have to be a biological mother to be a mom. If she has the love to give and desire to be a mom it is never too late.
  • I wouldn’t want to be 70 dealing with a teenager