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Cal Ripkin Jr announced his finalized divorce from his wife of 29 years. Lots of comments on the blogs stated that they should have just stayed married after so many years. 

Do you think that it is silly to divorce after 25 or more years of marriage or is it never too late?

  • Till death do us part……my 1st will be my last and only
  • No, it’s not too late. It’s a sad state of affairs but hopefully they find peace and happiness.
  • If they tried everything to make it work and they’re not happy. They should do what’s best for them.They’re the ones who have to live with the decision
  • I wouldn’t stay in an unsettled marriage. The year’s ahead of you are just as important as the memories,

    It is never too late. Those years could have been brilliant and then the last year or few pure hell- you never know!! The reason you should never judge someone else’s relationship is because you have no idea what goes on behind closed doors-she could have asked for the divorce or they may have stayed together for the kids and his career-you never know! They could have simply fallen out of love with each other but still love each other it happens. Life is too short to try and be anything else but happy or at least content.

  • Had someone tell me once people tend to do it at 4 different stages –

    1-2 years in. Newness has worn off, you realize you made a HUGE mistake.

    7-10 years. You’ve started to figure each other out, usually one person is doing the work and the other isn’t.

    18-25 years. Kids are done with high school/college, you realize you have nothing in common and have slowly grown apart.

    40-50 years (the one that shocks people). Facing your own mortality, you think “this is my last shot at freedom. Do I really want to spend the rest of my life with this person?”


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