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I love Love and Hip Hop LA and one of the story lines from last season was a gay couple Milan and Miles … well they are both rumored to be dating women now.

As a straight person, could you date a person who once was in a same sex relationship?

  • I guess I’m a little double standard when it comes to this because a woman and a woman yeah a man probably could see her after that but I don’t think it’s too many women out here that would date an openly gay man especially if he a bottom
  • Most are already.. they just don’t know it
  • No. And I’m a pretty open person. I feel like if you’re gay be gay and if you’re straight be straight.
  • Yes, if he loves me and there are no more men after me … I could
  • No. It would drive me nuts thinking where that d had been
  • Sure! I’m a guy so that would be easy.
  • No. That’s a little risky and has extensive sexual history that would make me think that I could be in a world of trouble. I don’t know if that something you should reveal to anyone that you’re dating or else.
  • Never say never you probably have and did not know it! There are a lot of people on the downlow or who do not know that they are gay or bi for years ecause of societal pressure and shame and it is sad to me that they can not just live their truth. I think in some ways sexuality is fluid and you can have one path/like all your life and be struck more by one person that is different than your norm than it being a sexuality preference

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