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Gilbert Arenas and Laura Govan have been displaying their issues on social media for years now, but this time, Laura is really getting the short end of the stick.

“No Chill Gil” took to his Instagram to slam Laura for losing in court on Friday, stemming from a case earlier this year when Gilbert sued Laura for defamation after she told the world that her ex-husband had given her multiple sexually transmitted infections during the course of their relationship.

“She had a better chance being the first monkey on the moon then wining that case,” he wrote. “Hard to prove I gave you an #STD if I NEVER had one…”

He continued to rub it in: “My ex will have to work at #hoochieBurgers everyday for 100 years, at 12 bucks a hour with a 10hr shift to pay that judgement off… AINT NO LIE WORTH THIS LIFE…”

Gilbert said his medical records came back all clear, insinuating Laura is the one with STDs. According to, Judge William Fahey wrote in his decision, “She can provide no case authority or public policy argument which supports her claim that accusing someone of infecting another with STDs is a statement in connection with a public issue or in the public interest.”

The NBA player also said things wouldn’t have gone so far if Laura took back her claim that Arenas is the father of Draya Michele’s teenaged son.

According to Gilbert, Laura was ordered to pay his lawyer fees and damages, which total up to $3 million.

Laura has yet to respond.

SOURCE: MyNewsLA | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Getty 

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