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For my guys … Do you treat women different based on how they present themselves (THOT vs Church Girl / Hood vs Refined etc.)?

  • Absolutely. You get a feel for the type of woman she is from conversation she is giving on day one. If she’s being honest. Some women put up pretenses and you don’t get the full her until she gets to know you better.
  • Nope. i don’t call women derogatory names, or treat them in a non decent manner. if i feel like she doesn’t deserve what i offer other women, i just wont mess with her. i think dudes have low self esteem if they treat any woman less than.
  • I treat all women with respect regardless, that is how I was raised. I don’t apologize for that. I have come across who did not appreciate my gentleman nature.
  • I treat all women the same …. Respect is a human right not a gender or lifestyle lot. Being a gentleman doesnt stop because a woman stops acting like a lady. I teach my boys this and will stand by it.
  • Not really by how they carry themselves on the outside…how they carry themselves on the inside. AND its a bit funny to stereotype the church girl as some modest thing…we know the truth.
  • You honestly HAVE to treat them diff if you expect that particular relationship to work. They will undoubtedly have today diff interests.
  • I treat women how that treat me. You can’t judge someone but how they looks. We sometimes are so quick to call someone a Thot or what ever and may have missed out on a good woman. Egos can mess can you up with trying to find a good woman.